CHS Guide: Drinks for Two

You can’t go wrong with where to get drinks in Charleston. Here are a few of my favorite cozy spots that also have an exceptional cocktail menu.

Bar at Husk

Husk restaurant gets a lot of attention as a classic “Charleston must,” but lesser known is its back house just beside it. A small space with a great bar, the tight quarters feels cozy and is perfect for pre- (or post) dinner drinks. Highly recommend the shaved ham to accompany your wine or cocktail order.

Zero George Restaurant + Bar

This is Charleston’s quintessential and renowned bread & breakfast—also serving cocktails, wine, and cheese on their porch—tucked away in the French Quarters. You’ll probably be accompanied by candlelight and Norah Jones while you’re taking in the romantic vibes of this place.

Le Farfalle

Le Farfalle’s outdoor patio seating, under the elegantly lit canopy of a stately elm, provides the perfect atmosphere for an intimate evening drink. Their expertly crafted cocktail menu includes both familiar classics and unique concoctions that will peak the curiosity of the more adventurous souls. After you have finished your drinks you will be tempted to stay cozied up and enjoy Le Farfalle’s regional Italian cuisine.

CharlestonMaggie Braucher